Welcome back to PALATE PRESS: The online wine magazine.  Last week we had a terrific launch, and that is thanks to you, our readers.  This week we have another amazing line-up.

Our Feature Story this week is Nutrition Facts…Coming to a Wine Bottle Near You, by Jeff Siegel.  Jeff, aka The Wine Curmudgeon, is a professional wine writer, and it shows.  Jeff’s goal is to rip the information from the hands of people who want to keep wine intimidating and give it to you, along with a big glass of fun.

Tasting Groups, Solving the Mystery One Glass at a Time, by Amy Corron Power, might be my favorite story this week.  Amy and her husband Joe Power write Another Wine Blog, and if you are not a regular reader, you are in for a real treat. The story is about a fascinating woman bringing wine to wine lovers the industry has ignored for far too long.

The next Hot Potato comes from Josh Hermsmeyer, of Capozzi Winery.  He writes about brett in where you might have heard of it before- in white wine.  You don’t believe it?  They did not believe him, either. Until he got the lab results to prove it.  Read Brett in Whites in our Hot Potato section.

Our new Spotlight is aimed straight toward Washington in Deep Deep Roots: Walla Walla Wine, by Catie McIntyre Walker.  Catie is a wine retailer, a wine writer, and probably the biggest cheerleader for Walla Walla since Walla Walla bing bang and Bugs Bunny. Here, she writes a story about a charming town, Prohibition, “Pruno” in prison, and one of the most exciting and fastest-growing wine regions in the world.

The only thing as good as food + wine is wine + Food.  This week, in + Food, sommelier and store owner Eileen Duffy wonders if you can combine them, asking Is Wine Food? Perhaps not, but would our food ever be a delicious without it?

Our last section this week is our Soap Box. The Soap Box revisits wine reviews in a follow-up to last week’s story in Reality of Evaluation Scales, by Jeff Lefevere.  There are 100 point scales, 20 point scales, scales with stars and more. What do they mean. Indeed, do they mean anything at all?

Thank you again for reading PALATE PRESS: The online wine magazine.  If you like us, I hope you will not just keep revisiting, but subscribe to our email updates or RSS feed, and tell your friends about us, too.  If you don’t think we’re doing things right, or think we can do them better, let me know how.  Our goal is to serve you, the reader.

David Honig
PALATE PRESS: The online wine magazine

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David Honig
Founding Publisher

David Honig, the Publisher, looked at what was happening in the world of wine journalism and realized there were a lot of great writers out there at the same time paying publications, from newspapers to websites, were dropping like flies. So he created Palate Press to find the best writers and create a new forum for them to sell their best work. He is a self-educated oenophile, and defers to the tremendous experience and wisdom of the amazing staff at PALATE PRESS: The Online Wine Magazine.

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  1. Louis

    Everything looks great!! Well done old friend, I approve of this website. =D


  2. The Wine Mule

    It is good to begin well. The hard part is just beginning. Best of luck.