Everybody here at Palate Press: The online wine magazine would like to thank the entire wine community for participating in our Wine for Haiti project. Through your generous contributions we were able to raise $17,760 for the American Red Cross Haiti Relief and Development fund. To the bidders, thank you so very much. We all hope the wine earns and extra point or two in your heart for the good cause you supported in buying it. To the contributors of our lots, I would like to thank each one of you, so I will.  A truly heart-felt thank you to:

Special thanks also go out to Lenn Thompson, of New York Cork Report, for organizing the tremendous outpouring of generosity from New York wineries, and to Tatiana Abramova, aka @Gourmet Rambler, for retweeting absolutely everything we ever wrote about Wine for Haiti.

The work is not done. The crisis continues. If you still have a ducat or two to spare, you can still contribute to American Red Cross Haiti Relief and Development.

Chile, too, is feeling the effects of a devastating earthquake, and once again the wine world is pitching in. You can learn more about that from 1WineDude.

Thank you again. You are all marvelous.

David Honig
Palate Press: The online wine magazine

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David Honig

David Honig, the Publisher, looked at what was happening in the world of wine journalism and realized there were a lot of great writers out there at the same time paying publications, from newspapers to websites, were dropping like flies. So he created Palate Press to find the best writers and create a new forum for them to sell their best work. He is a self-educated oenophile, and defers to the tremendous experience and wisdom of the amazing staff at PALATE PRESS: The Online Wine Magazine.

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  1. Leah McNally

    David- Thank you for all the hard work you did to organize the effort. I’m sure it consumed quite a bit of your time. I’m glad I could contribute in a small way.