A liquore flavored from Swiss mountain herbs, this makes a very interesting disgestif. The primary flavoring herb is artemisia mutellina, an herb grown in the Maira Valley, in Italy. The color is a lightly green-tinted gold. On the nose it is very herbal, with fennel, cut grass, and medicinal herbs. Flavors are complex on the palate. It starts with a blend of different licorice flavors, first anise, then fennel, then black licorice. Other herbal flavors appear too, including some soft green marjoram, freshly cut grass, and dried flowers. Mouth-feel is slightly thick, and the finish long, ending with fennel and leafy herbs. Don’t eat it with anything; rather, sip slowly after a full meal. Only available locally in Cuneo, so bring some back or make a local friend.

WHO: Genepy Bordiga
WHAT: Liquore
WHERE: Cuneo, Italy
HOW MUCH: unkown

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  1. Dick marsman

    very nice mouthfilling sweet taste . not sharp