The Edinburgh Gin distillery is located in the west end of Edinburgh, where they make distinctive Gins int he land of Whisky.

Edinburgh Gin

The first, the 86 proof namesake, is a classic London Dry style with a twist of citrus. Juniper is clear on the nose. It is far less pronounced on the palate, where coriander and citrus, plus a touch of pine on the mid-palate, give great complexity and depth. It is a very clean, bite-free spirit. Use this in martinis or with good tonic. Highly Recommended. 90 points. DBH

Edinburgh “Seaside” Gin

“Seaside” is a limited edition gin from Edinburgh Gin Distillery. It is flavored with foraged botanicals from the seaside, including scurvy grass, ground ivy and bladderwrack, along with coriander and cardamom. It is a very earthy gin with great salinity. Coriander and cardamom come through on a bed of salt. This is a rich, complex gin, one that can be sipped straight, or used to provide surprising depth to an Aviation cocktail. Highly Recommended. 90 points. DBH

Navy Strength Cannonball Gin

Edinburgh Gin’s “Navy Strength Cannonball” gin clocks in over 114 proof and adds an extra kick in the pants from Szechuan pepper to go with double the juniper. Everything about this is big and aggressive, on the nose and on the palate. Juniper and pepper aromas come up like a fist. On the palate, the pepper go everywhere -around the mouth, on the lips, and up the sinuses. High alcohol, big juniper, and powerful peppers assure that this gin earns the name “Cannonball.” Lips and tongue tingle but the high proof burn is surprisingly under control. This is a martini gin, dry and strong with a twist of lemon. Save the olives for the salad tray. Not a classic, but extra points for being unique. Highly Recommended. 92 points. DBH

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