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Checking In On The Chains

Retail wine franchises, Vino 100 and Wine Styles, have grown using descriptions like Crisp, Bold, Rich, and Mellow. Is it over simplistic or a new avenue into wine for the novice consumer?
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A (Michael) Jordan Cabernet

Ours is what we lovingly call a “lifestyle business”. You’re drawn to it because you truly enjoy the culture of the industry, and are genuinely passionate about all things vinified, fortified, brewed, bottled, fermented and distilled. It’s a wonderful menagerie of wild personalities, fiery opinions and varying cultures of business.
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Deirdre Heekin’s Bitter Alchemy

Deirdre Heekin is a writer, restaurateur, and sommelier. Her new book, Libation: A Bitter Alchemy, is an exquisite chronicle of her journey through the underworld of spirits as she learned to become liquoriste and winemaker.