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Red Carpet Cocktails

‘Tis the season for Oscar parties. If you really want to impress your friends during this Sunday’s festivities, don your tux or gown, get behind the bar, and whip up some of these cocktails inspired by some of the nominees.
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California Harvest 2011: A New—and Welcome?—Direction

A cool, persistent spring was the beginning of the weather problems that would plague the 2011 California harvest, pushing back bud break to make the grapes almost three weeks behind schedule. May and June had heavy rains, and the summer heat never really spiked. Pinot noir and chardonnay seemed happy with this weather, and many producers were able to pick elegant, low sugar grapes before the main vineyard event of 2011: October rain.
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Mississippi Wine Trends

Historically, wine business activity—or any interest in wine—in Mississippi has been hindered by several factors. But today, a slowly maturing wine scene is emerging on the Mississippi Gulf Coast.
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Light Drinking During Pregnancy: What Recent Studies Do — and Do Not — Tell Us

The media has, in general, done a poor job of reporting on studies regarding alcohol intake during pregnancy. When the media over-interprets some studies it sends an unwarranted message that "drinking during pregnancy might be beneficial." When the media over-interprets other studies it sends an unwarranted bit of hyperbole - some might say fear-mongering - that can lead pregnant women to consider abortion. More research can only help our understanding. No amount of research is likely to ever discover a "safe threshold", and therefore women looking for a green light to drink during pregnancy will not - and should not - receive one from the medical community.
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Riesling Goes With Everything, and Sixteen Other Rules for Pairing Wine with Food

I led a wine tasting last week for students at Dartmouth’s Tuck School of Business. I like pouring for twenty-somethings because they’re so eager to taste and talk about wine. With B-schoolers like these, I’ll also cover the industry, from merchandising to pricing and distribution, but mostly I’m there to get wines into their bodies and get them thinking about the culture of wine, how to evaluate it, and how to integrate it into their lives.