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Resveratrol Redux: The Bad and the Good

This past week, Dr. Dipak Das, tenured research faculty at the University of Connecticut, was found guilty of 145 counts of research misconduct by an internal institutional review board. Das’s research findings had strongly supported the idea that resveratrol found in wine is capable of conveying health benefits to wine drinkers. It’s worth noting that even though Das was very prolific—that is, his lab turned out more than the average number of papers—Das didn’t publish in high-profile journals, whether because his work was rejected by the top-tier or because he chose to submit manuscripts only to less competitive publications. For more detail on Das’s scientific misconduct, see Tom Mansell’s piece published on Palate Press last week.
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Scientific Misconduct Muddies Waters of Red Wine Research

An investigation performed by the University of Connecticut has concluded that reseacher Dr. Dipak Das falsified data in 26 scientific publications, some of which were studies involving the controversial wine component resveratrol. Das is the head of a research lab in the Cardiovascular Research Center at the University of Connecticut Health Center. His studies include effects of resveratrol on cardiac health.
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Announcing Palate Press for iPad Newsstand

We are very excited to announce our newest version of Palate Press, Palate Press: the eMagazine, an Apple Newsstand app for the iPad. With Palate Press: the eMagazine you get a whole month of Palate Press stori...