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In Memory, Giuseppe Quintarelli

Oh, I’m sorry, now it is impossible to meet him, he is busy…” she said. Thus, I missed the only opportunity to met Giuseppe Quintarelli in person. I did not recognize in the humble worker the famous producer… and his too bashful to come forward and submit himself to a group of foreigners.
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Brazil Rising: A New Frontier for Wine

Brazil is the next great frontier for the wine world. Brazil now drinks just 1.6 liters of wine per capita per year—significantly less than some Muslim countries like the Maldives and United Arab Emirates, according to the Wine Institute. By comparison, the US drinks 9 liters per capita per year. Most European countries drink more than 20 liters per year.
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Dolcetto in Ovada Has Potential to Be More Than Pizza Wine

Fans of Adam Sandler (yes, they still exist) will tell you that his films are not meant to be profound; they're meant to make you laugh. They're easily forgotten, but can provide a pleasant distraction for a short while. Fans of Dan Brown (I think they still exist) tend to concede that his books are meant to offer quick, easy reading, entertainment that doesn't probe too deeply.