Is it rude to be #social?

With the rise and rise of the smartphone, and the march of social media into every corner of our lives, the desire to rate, review, critique and “share” every waking moment is omnipresent. But when is this appropriate, and when does it simply degenerate into rudeness or irrelevance?
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Small Winery, Far Reach

SVB Financial reports that buyers will begin to spend slightly more for a bottle of wine into 2011. If this is the case, the question becomes: how does the small family owned winery with a lower operating budget market their wines to consumers and try to make the most of the improving economy?
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Social Media More Than a Buzzword at Wineries Like Carr and Jordan

Social media has become one of the most used buzzwords of the last several years—along with Google (as a verb), subprime, death panels, friend, un-friend, tweet, and of course, blog. Wine has its own set of buzzwords, of course, from biodynamic and sustainable to screwcap, critter label, and boxed wine. Put social media and wine together, and you have a possibility to dramatically shift the way we connect with and consume wine.
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Quick Bites: An Interview with Rick Bakas

I've been following the career path of Rick Bakas ever since I met him two years ago. Now the Director of Social Media Marketing for St. Supéry Wines, Rick is responsible for creating and executing all of the digital strategy for the Skalli Family wineries, including St. Supéry in Napa Valley and sister wineries in France. He has a devout and voluminous following on Facebook and Twitter and no one knows the subject of bacon better than Rick.