2012 Redux: Local Paradox, Getting Finger Lakes Wines the Recognition They Deserve

Editor's Note: No one is a prophet in their own country, goes the saying. It seems true for winemaking in the Finger Lakes, sometimes, as Katrina Anderson found out, when she noted how New York wine lists - even the ones in the Finger Lakes themselves - often made little room for local wines. Are the wines too expensive or is the quality lacking? Who is interested — or not — in New York wines? Such are the questions the piece seeks to answer. –Rémy Charest, Editor
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Introducing “Ask Palate Press”

We regularly receive emails from readers asking a wide variety of questions, from "where can I get the wine you just reviewed" to "what wine goes with the deer by brother-in-law killed and insists on serving with Christmas dinner?"
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Pairing Up To Get Down At Hop Woo BBQ

Eddie Lin, of Deep End Dining and NPR’s “Good Food,” recently asked a group of food bloggers to join him for a special off-the-menu “romantic dinner” hosted by Chef Lupe Liang. Each dish—prepared with love—is based on an ingredient that stimulates a certain spot on the map of human sexuality. Be it animal, vegetable, or mineral, the intention of the ingestion is to get one’s motor running.
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Memo to Servers: A Response

There is absolutely no way that anyone who expresses disdain for a Server attempting to refill their wine glasses can have spent any reasonable length of time working in a restaurant.
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Aspiring Master Sommelier Only Wants to Stay in Ohio

Out of 170 Master Sommeliers in the world, 105 of them are in the United States. Of those, only one lives in Ohio. So for someone pursuing this coveted accreditation in a state unknown beyond the Great Lakes for its wines, what reason is there to stay? According to Chris Dillman, Ohio is exactly the place for him to carve his own market where little currently exists.